30 Day Pull-ups Challenge Completed!

I completed my 30 day pull-ups challenge on September 6, 2012, before the challenge started I could do 16 total pull-ups.  The day after the challenge ended September 7, I did 22 total pull-ups.  The day-to-day commitment I made to do my pull-ups paid off  by increasing my max by 6.  Anyone who trains pull-ups on a regular basis knows this is pretty significant.  For those inquiring minds I start at 12 pull-ups and added 3 a day, for 30 straight days, that’s a total of 1,665 pull-ups.

The purpose of the challenge was to do pull-ups, increase strength, and bring awareness to the muscles of the back.  All of these were achieved I did a lot of pull-ups, I got stronger, and I noticed better posture and greater muscle definition.

Perform your own 30 day challenge it doesn’t have to be pull-ups, the challenge is really about making a commitment, then putting in the work, you’re challenging yourself.

Peace, thanks for reading

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